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Self Order Kiosk

POS Republic's Self Ordering kiosk solution has been designed from the ground up. Our fully customisation graphical interface allows retailers, hospitality & service based customers, change the look & feel to suit & reflect their business.

Save customers queuing up at the counter. Customers can, in their own time, review, customise & select items. With our integration to major payment terminals customers can use Debit, Credit cards for immediate payment. Cash transactions can be sent to the POS for simple recalling of the sale. If you are not using POS Republic's POS solution you can set the kiosk up to print to the registers.

The self serve kiosk

  • fully integrates with our Point of Sale application

  • runs POS Republic Loyalty.

  • connects to our Cloud back office running on Microsoft Azure

  • allows control of media & branding trough our Central Media Scheduler

  • integrates to various pinpad providers

Customers can change the look and feel, run advertisement campaigns and update pricing & product information from their office computer through to their smartphone.

Using POS Republic's smart printing technology, users can configure the system to print at the Kiosk, at the register (for our customers who use other great POS solutions) and to the kitchen printer.

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